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Join an exclusive tribe of elite entrepreneurs and investors leveraging their experiences, networks, and resources.

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The Full Circle Mastermind is the perfect opportunity to put your life and your business on the fast track to success, security, and scalability. 

An exclusive network. A supportive community. A tribe of like-minded, elite entrepreneurs and investors lifting each other by leveraging their own experiences, networks, and resources for the benefit of the whole. 

It is a collection of the most brilliant and successful business minds who share the how-to’s of their most cherished successes, the most vulnerable aspects of their unique journeys, and the hard lessons from their most transformative failures.

I would not be where I am today without surrounding myself with these kinds of people. This is why I created the Full Circle Mastermind.


Conquer Entrepreneurial Loneliness

Full Circle Mastermind provides you the opportunity for collaboration, emotional and strategic support, and an element of adventure to keep your problem-solving and creative juices flowing.

Access Unique  Experiences, Perspectives, and Wisdom

From all corners of the business world, members of Full Circle form a supercomputer—a true mastermind that can solve any problem, soothe any concern, and conquer any challenge.

Leverage the Power of Network

Imagine having access to a group of individuals who are all committed to helping you succeed. Bounce ideas off each other, get feedback, and receive support when you need it most. Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the group, and you will achieve more than you ever thought possible on your own.

Do you want to work directly with John and other elite entrepreneurs to level up your network, take your business to new heights, and open doors to opportunities you never knew existed?
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Your Home Away from Home

As a Full Circle member, you're always welcomed to hang your hat at our align.Space entrepreneurs’ clubhouse nestled in the center of beautiful West Chester, Pennsylvania.

World-Class Workshops & Events

Gain access to world-class workshops and events that provide cutting-edge strategies and insights. Led by industry experts who share their knowledge and experience, our events empower you to stay on top of the most exclusive business trends and secrets.

Access our

Full Circle

Content Vault

Have 24/7 access to a treasure trove of resources that can help you take your business to the next level. The vault contains a wealth of information, including training materials, case studies, templates, and more, all designed to help you grow and succeed.

The Full Circle Mission

To create an environment conducive to sharing network, knowledge, resources, and experiences that will compress the time horizon of your business’ ultimate, and inevitable, success.

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Meet John Ratliff

John is a co-founder and partner of align5 and is responsible for leading all of the firm’s strategic initiatives. Prior to founding align5, John was the President and CEO of Appletree Answers, a telephone answering service company he started in 1995 from his two-bedroom apartment in Wilmington, Delaware. John grew the company organically and through a series of acquisitions to 24 US- based locations and 650 employees before it was sold to a strategic buyer in June 2012.

John is passionate about strategy, company culture and employee engagement. Along those lines, John leveraged the methodologies of the “Rockefeller Habits” to implement several strategic initiatives at Appletree (such as the Dream On program), which resulted in industry low turnover of about 18%, (compared to the industry average of 110%). John credits the implementation of these strategic initiatives with the tremendous growth in revenue and EBITDA over a roughly 4-year period, which ultimately led to the successful sale of the company.

John is a highly sought-after speaker to entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes on topics such as company culture, employee engagement, business strategy and acquisitions. John also brings expertise in designing and implementing business operating processes and systems to maximize the effectiveness of a company’s management team.

Meet the Full Circle Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Perfect Fit for Full Circle?


Mac Harman

Founder, Balsam Brands

The thing that has really set John and align5 apart from other coaching groups we considered is that they've scaled up businesses, they understand what it's like to be in the trenches. When you have someone who's thoughtful, experienced, and speaks with humility, it's amazing.

Wesley Sierk

President, Risk Management Advisors

Because of John and our discussion of Rembrandts in the Attic, the offer we got was 10.2x EBITDA. I didn't hire his company—this was just him being a generous, giving soul. A good, decent human being. A good businessman. And those aren't easy to find in combination in this world.

Arnie Malham

Founder, Legal Intake Professionals

For me, working with John, it was all about the conversation, and all about encouragement when I didn't quite see where we were headed. It was the first business I had ever sold, and John was just great at understanding the bigger picture and helping me through it.

Take Flight with

Full Circle Mastermind.

Join an exclusive tribe of elite entrepreneurs and investors leveraging their experiences, networks, and resources.

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